Brant T. Bills


Brant passed the CPA exam after attending Davidson College and the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. Following progressive financial roles ranging to Division Treasurer at RJRNabisco, he rose from Business Manager at Donald Reese Bills & Associates, to lead expanding the scope of projects covered, becoming a Principal with the firm. Brant is a change management expert, excelling at identifying and implementing process improvements needed as a result of acquisition integration, divestitures, system conversions, antiquated procedures, economic conditions or changes affecting ownership finances and personnel.

E-mail: btbills@jabbez.com

Industry Experience


 Life Insurance and annuities

 Estate Planning and analysis

 Consumer goods manufacturing & distribution

 Specialty events marketing and promotions

 Nuclear, energy, and oil & gas industries

 Engineering production and operation

 Environmental management

 Medical supplies warehousing

 Equity group management

 Government contracts

 Print media publishing



 Individual life coaching

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