Installed SQL environmental database system database to account for over 8500 EPA regulated air emissions sources increases reporting efficiency by 75%.

Created shared services organization for 17 newly acquired publishers, meshing conflicting cultures & systems.  Division profits improved 85% with AR down 50% & over 90 down 75%.

Planned and provided functional oversight for inventory system implementation for 6 plants and 100 nationwide warehouses, which reduced count errors by 20%.

Cost cutting plan developed reducing division wide workforce by 15% from improved workflows and processes, including a 30% reduction in billing with no loss of productivity.

Created project estimating, work break down structure and internal control processes for 22 never before SEC reported EPA regulated wetland mitigation banks.

Savannah River Nuclear Solutions

Salisbury Post


Morris Visitor Publications

Timbervest Crossover Investments

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Retirements and relocations avoided through hands-on coaching to determine life goals and skills to launch $100K+ profits business ventures, providing access to expert coaching  with hands-on guidance.


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Changes in state and national laws afforded opportunities to save companies with under 50 FTEs up to 30% of their annual health care benefit cost while providing added benefits for upper management and better coverages for frontline employees.

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